What are ESL’S?

ESL’s (Electronic Shelf Labels) are essentially a high-tech alternative to the traditional adhesive printed paper labels used by supermarkets and other mass retail stores, where they display pricing and also certain other information on LCD/E-Ink Graphic modules.

Pricewizard’s wireless ESL solution uses the same computer Database as the store’s POS system, so when purchases are scanned at the checkout, the price always matches the price in the aisle.

  • Model Stellar@ (available in S,M,L,XL & XXL, both B&W and 3 Colour)
  • E-Ink 3 Colour screen
  • 3-colour LED flash with up to 7 colour combinations
  • First label and access point in the world with full two-way interactivity
  • Centralized control: the heartbeat and the return signal enables a complete monitoring of the status of the store and the interaction between the employee and the shelf items
  • Sophisticated transmission protocol leading to a fast transmission and low power consumption

Stellar@ models black and white

EPD with LED and NFC function

Stellar@ models 3 colour

EPD with LED and NFC function