Why ESL’s?

Return: Price and margin optimization. Increased customer satisfaction. Reduced operating costs Investment: Fast deployment time and ease of training. Reduced initial investment due to the competitive pricing of our ESL.

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction: Price Integrity! Price at Shelf = Price at Checkout, Display of clear and easy to read labels, Avert products being mispriced or mislabelled , Accurate pricing means fewer price disputes, Reduction in check-out time caused by price checks

Improved Corporate Image: Customer confidence in price integrity, Projection of technology-savvy image, Optimize promotional visibility by ensuring all products have the right price at the right time and place

Improved Price Management: Price at cashier is same as price at shelf, Allows company to practice dynamic pricing e.g: Promotional price during Happy Hour , Different pricing at different time of day, Pricing is updated speedily and seamlessly e.g:Pricing can be updated quickly in response to a competitor

Multiple product types to meet customer needs: A wide range of ESL products are on offer to meet every retailers needs. From large fruit and vegetable displays to super low priced LCD displays to high end fully customizable e-paper displays.

Reduced Costs: Eliminate paper label costs, Significant labour cost savings due to
Reduction in time spent on price checks
Reduction in time spent labelling shelves
Reduction in price audit efforts

Traditional price tag change

Comparison process without ESL

Comparison process with ESL