softwaremainThings To Consider when purchasing our POS software..

  • Unisolve runs on any platform eg Windows, Linux, Unix.
  • We run most sites on linux because: It is more stable than windows, Runs faster, Uses less resources than windows, Is cheaper - you need a windows license for every PC on a windows network Unlikely to pickup viruses, Staff cannot "fiddle" with the program.
  • We have backup servers on the network, if the main server fails, the terminals can auto log on to backup a server.
  • Rebuilds files much 
  • Our terminals can run offline i.e. Standalone - stock can be retrieved later. = No sales 
  • We offer modem 
  • Minimal monthly license 
  • Software can be customised to specific needs.
  • Can interface/export to other software e.g.: Pastel.
  • Can e-mail or sms customers.
  • Software has been developed & refined over the last 20 years!!!!!!!


img-1 pos1


  • Quick and easy install
  • Smart, simple user friendly graphical interface
  • Touch enabled with programmable touch POS menu
  • User friendly manual
  • Online/Offline mode
  • Password control with user 
  • Debtors, Creditors
  • Simple effective stock control
  • Easy 5 step stock take procedure, manual or via stock take scanner
  • Item cascading, e.g. single, 6 pack, case
  • Ingredient control
  • Batch production processing
  • Sales promotions
  • Like items
  • Mix and Match Combo
  • Print barcode labels and shelf edge labels via label printer
  • Link to Electronic Shelf edge Labels (ESL)
  • Link to scale
  • Purchase Orders
  • Re-order report
  • Purchase report with TAX totals
  • Stock Valuation report
  • Financial report with TAX totals
  • GP%/Turnover/Valuation reports
  • Full audit trail
  • Export to Excel
  • Promotional Customer display
  • Backup and Restore facility 60 Day free trial