Register Link

registerlinkCash Register Link Features:

  • Supports The Following Makes Of Cash Register - Uniwell, Olivetti, Positron, Sarema & NTS
  • Supports The Following Makes Of Scales - Teroaka
  • Allows For The Easy Downloading Of - 16 digit Item Description 12 To 18 Digit Stock Code or Barcode Debtor Account Detail (Cash Register Dependant)
  • Allows For The Easy Uploading Of - Item Sales Daily Financial Totals (Cash In Drawer, No Sale, Paid Out, Refunds, etc) Debtors Sales (Cash Register Dependant)
  • Allows For New Stock Codes To Be Created Therefore There Is No Need To Exit To The Stock Control Module
  • Full Upload & Download History, So Reports That Have Been Taken Previously May Be Viewed And Printed.
  • Uploading And Downloading Of Data May Be Preset By Time & Date (Auto Reporting)
  • Multi-location Communications For Up To 32 Cash Register Per Location

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