Point of Sales

pointofsalePoint of Sales Features:

  • Docket History for Reprints & Enquiries Prints Picking Slips
  • Force Dockets to Print(Parameter Driven)
  • Dockets Routed to Dedicated Printers
  • Print Account Balance or Age Analysis on Dockets
  • Allow Price Override (Password)
  • Force Payment Method - (Cash, Cheque, Credit Card etc)
  • Supports Most Cash-Drawers, Customer Display's& Point-of-Sales Printers
  • Delayed Stock Updates (Off Line Mode)
  • Block Selling to C.O.D with Balance Discount % or Rand
  • Discount Checks for Account and Stock Items
  • Multiple Cashiers
  • Stock Enquiry
  • Account Enquiry(Current Transactions, History)
  • Pay Out, No Sale, Docket on Hold Lay-bye Sales
  • Allows For New Stock Codes To Be Created Within A Transaction

Point of Sale Reporting:

  • Cash up By Point or Cashier
  • Price Override Report 
  • Stock Sales 
  • Debtor Sales 
  • Finalizing Totals 
  • Daily Cash Up Report

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