Debtors Module

DEBTORSDebtor Features

  • 6 Digit Alphanumeric Account Code.
  • 3 Digit Sub Account Code
  • Supports - Account Name, Postal Address, Delivery Code, Contact Code, Language, Account Type, Default Expense Analysis Code, Credit Terms, Credit Limits, Credit Rating, Interest, Settlement Discount, Bank Account Details, Last Activity Date.
  • Representative Name, Number, Password, Commission On Cash And Charge Transactions
  • Features A Global Amount Maintenance Facility.
  • Allows To Clear Balance After Training.
  • Import & Export Branch Transactions.
  • Post Dated Payment Processing.
  • Optional Income Analysis.
  • Open Item Allocation And De-Allocation.
  • Selective E-mail, E-mail Statements.
  • Tax Inclusive Or Exclusive Transaction Processing.
  • Allows To Recall Previous Transaction To Be Reversed.
  • Indefinite History.
  • May Enquire - Balances, Transactions, Recurring Invoices, History Summary & Club Membership Enquiry Menu.

Debtor Reporting:

  • Account Master List
  • Income Analysis 
  • Account Ledger 
  • Statements 
  • E-mail Statements 
  • Aged Debt Analysis 
  • Audit Trail 
  • Account Transcation Analysis 
  • Period Transaction Analysis 
  • Allocation Reconciliation - Open Item & Balance 
  • Brought Forward 
  • Expense Analysis 
  • Budget Analysis 
  • Recurring Invoices 
  • Account Labels

Intergrates To:

Cash Register Link, Invoicing, Point-of-Sale, Hotel reservations, General Ledger.