POS Keyboards

KB-6600 Series

pos keyboardThe KB-6600 series is a series of powerful programmable keyboard suitable for application in PC compatible system, programmable without TSR under DOS, Win98/2000, Win XP embedded and Win XP Pro environment. This series provides 84 keys (max.) of a comfortable size 19 x 19 mm in 6 x 15 matrix within which a 4 x 4 numerical keypad resides and a 6 position control key which is capable of sending answer back codes according to the position of the key.


  • Highly reliable design and construction.
  • 100% true spill-proof structure, state-of-the-art top notch solid design with water drainage system.
  • Provides single, double and blank keys.
  • Daisy-chain keyboard wedge architecture for data input devices.
  • Cable management design prevents accidental disconnection.
  • OS support: DOS/Win98/NT/2000/XP Pro/WEPOS/Linux.
  • Coverage: 84 keys POS programmable keyboard (68 programmable keys plus ten key).
  • Optional magnetic stripe reader.
  • Control key: 6 positions with position change answer back.