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Why Purchase a System?

1.Product and Price Maintenance

Product Maintenance, price maintenance, margin maintenance can all be done quickly saving yet more time. In some case product updates from suppliers can be loaded electronically saving entering product data, prices and descriptions manually. This also ensures your product files are correct and do not contain pricing or other errors.

2. Menus and Promotional Products Changes

If you serve food and have rotating menus, once the menus are set up on the system the menu change is automatic, no reprogramming of the POS is required once this is done from the back office system. Happy hour or special pricing can be dealt with in the same way, as can any promotional offers you may have. The time saved in this area can be significant.

3. Automatic Stock Re-ordering

By automatically generating orders in seconds instead of hours. Many business owners spend hours compiling orders and sending them through to suppliers. Unisolve can do this automatically by generating suggested orders based on sales data collected at the POS. You then have the opportunity to review, accept or amend it. Clicking a button will either email it straight to the supplier or print it out for you to post.

4. Faster Stock Taking

Stock takes become a straightforward procedure, they can be carried out as frequently as you desire. Unisolve generates a stock list for counting purposes, after the count the results are entered and discrepancies highlighted. Stock valuation can be done at the click of a button, again saving days or weeks of effort. A Stock Take may also be performed using a Portable Data Terminal (P.D.T.). This P.D.T. may also be used to receive delivered stock.

5. How can Unisolve Help Make you 20% more profit a year?

In addition to time saving Unisolve will give immediate direct financial savings. The % improvement you can make to your bottom line will depend upon many factors. An increase in bottom line profits of 20-25% can be expected if Unisolve is used correctly and some of the time saved by using the system is re-invested in developing the business.

6. Minimise Stock Holdings

Unisolve will allow you to minimise your stock holding which will reduce your working capital. It will also enable you to increase the number of times your stock turns over annually. This means less money is tied up in stock and if working capital is funded by borrowing, savings are also made through reduced interest payments.

7. Reduce Fraud

Sadly many owners have to face staff dishonesty. This takes various forms such as short-changing customers, passing drinks or other products across the counter without charging and many others. Unisolve will identify sich frauds and prevent them from happening. Unisolve can capture every transaction, who is working on the POS and when and from the reports on the system fraud and who is committing it can be identified.

8. Reduce Shrinkage

Unisolve will enable you to minimise stock shrinkage ny identifying itmes susceptible to "shrinkage" and take action to cut it. Following a stock take as immediate value can be put on shrinkage and a report produced which is then used for tax deduction. Interestingly when staff know each item of stock is tracked and accounted for, shrinkage falls dramatically.

9. Economic Stock Ordering

The Automatic re-ordering system allow products to be ordered in themost economical amounts from your suppliers so maximising supplier discounts. Options to select among multiple suppliers means you can order from those that have the best deals at the time of placing the order.

10. Correct Selling Price

Unisolve can be set such that discounts are not allowed or limited discounts are allowed or any price changes or discounts can only be done by the manager. The price maintenance facilities means items are always sold at the correct price and required margins are maintained. This alone can significantly improve the bottom line in many businesses.